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About Us:

We are a small but mighty PR & production company that focuses on catering to our clients' needs. Our official launch began in January of 2023, concentrating on event operations and production. From there, we have expanded to artist relations and social media strategy for our increased clientele. Our clients are given a range of options, from event operations, social media strategy, to live film and photography. Our #1 priority is consistently providing quality and maintaining our clients' authenticity.

What We Do

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Personal curations of Press Release write-ups and multi-medium promotions across digital & social platforms

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Digital Media Creation & Strategy

Tailored digital media posts, SEO optimizations, and scheduling calendars for content postings

Event Production & Promotion

Curate memorable experiences for social, personal, and public events

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Event Photography

Tailored photoshoot experiences that caters to any event Weddings, concerts, festivals; we are at your disposal

Up Next:

Adam Ford

Adam Ford is becoming one of the hottest names coming out of Miami's RnB music scene. His upcoming single, "She Wants to Love," is sure to capture fans' attention and have them wanting more from this fresh-faced talent. With its infectious blend of soulful melodies and sultry beats, Adam Ford has created a stunning debut that will take listeners on a journey through his unique soundscape. He effortlessly blends traditional R&B elements with contemporary production values that promise an unforgettable sonic experience.

Our Specialties

Bar Crawl Operations

Festival Coordination & Operations

Social Media

Management & Strategy

Concert & Festival Photography

Creative Directing

Corporate Photography

Exclusive Event Production & Planning

Content Writing & Creation

Website Design & Development

The Line Up

Naee has over 7 years of experience in the creative directing and event production spaces. From working with Amazon to Meta, she has curated experiences for diverse clientele surrounding music festivals, Art Basel in Miami and producing events for Sundance Film Festival. Never backing down from a challenge, Naee continues to break barriers in the film industry as an independent filmmaker and media producer for a wide variety of projects.

Adam Ford is a Miami, FL based singer, songwriter and artist that has coined the genre Rhythmically Toxic R&B. Writing for 7 years, has written and co-wrote a plethora of single From his experiences in life and relationships, his seductive melodies pluck your heart strings with relatable love stories. Adam's music entrances listeners with feel-good sound and sultry R&B.

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